Custom Layout Design

Afablez adopts to the rapid change in the semiconductor world with a greater degree of flexibility and innovativeness. Our engineers have sound layout design knowledge and are well versed in assorted programming languages and software. With the level of expertise they gained working on diversified projects, they are able to cater first pass high-quality flawless layout design, and verification service in the stipulated time period, and at competitive rates.

Afablez with contemporary EDA tools is able to automate the whole design and verification process. Our capability includes automated RTL and SoC integration, automated SoC TB and test case generation, Memory, Analog & Mixed-Signal Design, High Speed I/O Design, Low Power Analog Design, Regulators, Clock Circuits, Opamp design, Analog Layout Checking, Robust QMS, etc.,

Hire or collaborate with our racy engineers for full range custom layout design and verification.