Fueling the era of “scientific know-how”
with our Interoperability IP solutions.

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Silicon Chip Design

 Application Testing

IP Integration

Front line IP Solutions

Aerospace & Defense

Risk-free, safe and efficient

5G & Mobile Solutions 

High-speed capacity and connectivity


Truly Potent and Fully Autonomous driving

Cloud and Storage

Designs for organized and secured endless storage

Embedded IoT Applications

Elevating Businesses and living standards


Revolutionize, Reshape and Transform

An absolute provider of IP Solutions

Our ability to re-envisage device reliability, design, and reuse IP in a short time, and with reduced cost has helped numerous semiconductor fabs around the globe to innovate their products. Unrivaled Interoperability, and optimization of throughput, latency, power, IC schematics etc., with reinforced security, and privacy is what our IP core caters