ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification

Afablez has the in-house skills needed to design, develop, and verify ASIC/FPGA products for the demanding market. Our designers empathize the challenges involved yet realize and utilize the opportunities thus available to cater the customer with the best possible ASIC/FPGA design service that perfectly matches your project requirements, budget, and schedule.

With modernized laboratories and sagacious RTL developers, we are able to develop flexible business outcomes for your firm. Each and every product thus developed is subjected to rigorous testing methodology to ensure the quality of the design. Our design capabilities include both digital, and mixed-signal chips -SoC, ASSP, ASIC, and Structured ASIC.

Afablez being a leading intrinsic company is able to create, and implement a reuse design methodology to support a wide range of technology nodes including 0.13μm to 0.35μm, 16nm to 90nm. Greater to that our expert designers canvas deeply, to aid you with system architecture definition, IP selection & Integration, Hardware & Software verification, Physical design & Verification, FPGA prototyping, Internal & Boundary Scan verifications.