Analog and Mixed Signal


Afablez design team ascertains your analog and mixed-signal design, verification needs. Our engineers with a strong understanding of analog and mixed signals materialize your vision and cater you with excellent quality of service on a tight budget, and schedule.

Afablez aids customers with Data Converters (Audio codec, ADC, DAC, Accelerometers), High-Speed Interface Design, Hard IP Core Design, High Voltage Analog Design, Low-Speed Design, Clock System Design (Oscillator, PLL, DLL, CDR), and PMIC’s (or) Power Management Integrated Circuits(Temp Sensors, Battery chargers, Switches and Regulators, DC-DC Converters).

Complementary to this, skilled professionals at Afablez uses state of the art industrial jigs, advanced OVM technology, and Verification IP to verify analog and mixed signals, Hard IP Cores.

We also design and develop analog blocks for advanced processor nodes, custom products to support a wide range of industries including Mechanical, Electromagnetic, Electrochemical, IoT applications, Medical and Automotive.